The art of doing business, is so much based on trust,

And givers gain mentality, it really is a must.

Starting with a story, an experience from past,

So others can relate to this, which builds a chapter fast.

From pre-core, core, then chapter, we build an entity,

Relationships come from this, and closed business is plenty.

Starting chapters, filling chapters, creating something new,

A structure out of nothing, this is what Directors do.


Focus on what’s working, to build a chapter strong,

Rutenso is the key these days, with this, you can’t go wrong.

Members making more money, abundance is the view,

Giving more referrals, will be created too.

Several tiered referrals, so members still belong,

Helping chapter meetings,that build a business throng.

Keeping members satisfied, and loosing very few,

Leading by example, this is what Directors do.


To help us with our worldwide web, there is BNI connect,

A social matrix all linked in, and soon to be perfect!

BNI Support team, work with integrity,

So we can build a network, to beyond infinity.

Expand your global footprint, with BNI connect,

Can cause a major impact, with the multiplier effect.

Touching lives around the world, building economy,

Local business thriving now, we started this you see.


3 + 1 is easy, when you build it from the heart,

Using our experience, this is how we start.

Around the world we’re growing, North, South, East, and West

With givers gain philosophy, and all that we do best.

Be proud you make a difference, your work is not in vein,

Creating business leaders, so referrals then they gain.

Educating others and foundations that are true

Supporting local chapters, this is what directors do.


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