Mission Statement of Go Far Consulting

Our purpose is to help focus business people, who value time and want more success, achieve their desires using the unique formula of the 4 M’s – METHOD, MANAGEMENT, MOMENTUM and MONEY. GO FAR Consulting produces an environment of conscious choices, flexibility, and substantially increased revenue for our clients while living their life with extreme joy, running their business and reaping the rewards, so that they can GO FAR too.

Client Vision Statement

Our clients are already driven to be powerful, successful leaders in their industry, geared towards excellence and accomplishment. They enjoy collaboration and self-improvement and understand the value of time and living life fully with extreme joy.

Through our tailored formula of the 4 M’s, our clients thrive because they understand the power of a long standing client relationship with GO FAR Consulting that leads to their consistent progressive business development, reaping rewards and living a quality life that they truly love.

The business consultant expertise of Elaine Betts and the Go Far Consulting team lies in building strong foundations and building business. The strengths are in strategic planning, business development, communication, organisation, prioritization, project and time management.


As a business builds, communication and leadership are key components to the development of the business. Communication is vital in making sure that the business remains strong and motivated. People have to grow for the business to grow.


It is important to have an idea and vision for where you want the business to go. The success lies in the strategic planning, accountability to stay on track, and the development of key people within the business.


Go Far Consulting understands that many professionals feel alone in the decision making process and fear making mistakes, which can hold them back or prevent them from making moves towards growth. Go Far consulting sees themselves as a second pair of eyes on a business, with an inquisitive mind asking probing questions which creates customized systems and processes that can shift a business and enable their leaders to greater achievement and success.

About Elaine

Elaine is an experienced business and management consultant, entrepreneur and the owner of Go Far Consulting. With over 25+ years of experience in running businesses, she helps professionals excel at what they do best through strategic planning, retreats, coaching and training. She is a business builder.

Elaine arrived in America in 1996 knowing nobody and has created another successful business over the years through networking. In England, she had a formal education in Microbiology and worked in pharmaceutical research before branching out on her own and became a successful Co-Founder and Partner of a Financial Services Company where she ran a large team of over 50 consultants.

Throughout life, Elaine has had many curve balls thrown in her direction, she is determined that obstacles and reasons are not excuses to prevent people from having and achieving what they truly deserve. Elaine cares a great deal and is passionate about professionals having their business and professional life be the vehicle to create an environment of conscious choices, flexibility, and substantially increased revenue while living a life with extreme joy. Her philosophy is to work with people on the 4 M’s Method, Management, Momentum and Money.

Elaine has a desire to have a positive impact on the local community. She volunteers her time and is an active leader. She is the Past President of Danville/Sycamore Rotary Club, she is the Past Chair and serves on the Board of Directors for the San Ramon Chamber. She is an Area Director Consultant for BNI and is on the Executive Board for the Business Law Section of the Alameda County Bar Association.

Elaine is Poet Laureate for the Town of Danville and enjoys creating poems for organizations especially around their Mission Statement.

Elaine has appeared on the TV programs Conversations with Robin Fahr covering time management and In A Word discussing current business literature, she has been featured in Alive Magazine and The Contra Costa Times. Elaine has also written articles for the local press including the Danville Weekly and San Ramon Express. Through her business endeavors, writing and as an international speaker her mission is to inspire and empower others to maximize their productivity, build their business and improve the working quality of their lives.

She is also known for her business networking abilities, and is always looking for better ways to improve business relations, both nationally and internationally. She is responsible for getting Assembly Resolution #323 passed recognizing the first week of February as International Networking Week in California.

Interviews and Press
Danville International Networking Thanks to Elaine Betts Article from the Feb 2009 issue of Alive magazine recognizing Elaine's role in initiating this event. Download
Live Worldwide Web Interview For those who missed the event on Jan 15th can listen to the interview by clicking the link above.
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