How often do you drive on the freeway and find the driver in front of you is poodling along on the outside lane? There is a stream of traffic behind them and they are totally oblivious to it, this is soooo frustrating! They are probably caught up in who knows what, day dreaming away without any consideration for what is going on around them. It slows down your progress and triggers a frustration that could potentially cause a foolish or rash decision on your part to try to pass them somehow.

This could also be happening in our business!!!!

Our business is like a car engine that needs fine tuning and maintenance as well as an observant, focused, responsive driver. There are many things that could be slowing the business down and holding it back or could be helping accelerate the business momentum.

What is slowing it down or driving the business momentum? Let’s look at 5 easy areas where we can shift gears to speed up and fine tune the business.

<span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><strong>5 Ways to Speed Up Business Momentum</strong></span>
<li>Do you need to learn a program, software or skill that would speed up your progress and make life so much easier? Take something as simple as your email or calendar. How many versions or places are you doing double or even triple entries? You can speed up your business just by this one simple activity. By entering something once and populating all the devices, this also minimizes errors. Find out what you need to learn or update to speed things up.</li>
<li>Are you doing everything yourself? Get out of your own way, control freak!!! Yes sometimes we think it is much quicker if we just got on and did it ourselves, but we reach a level a capacity that prevent futher growth. Over time and with too many tasks, this will stop us from doing what we really ought to be doing. We should be doing what we do best that leads to building and progressing our business. Define what your strengths are and teach others how to do the rest. Delegate effectively to other people’s strengths so that the business has the ability to grow.</li>
<li>Are we not giving our staff the boundaries, tools and resources that they need to be able to do their best work? Even something as simple as a slow printer can hold up the work significantly. Give staff and subcontractors the tools, boundaries, policies and procedures to work with that allows for easier, smoother management. Create a line of communication and delegate accordingly. Find out what they need to do a better job.</li>
<li>Don’t have the financial resources? I get it, when you are bootstrapping your business, money only goes so far. However, work out budgets and use an organizational chart to determine what things in order of priority will be outsourced or roles be hired for. This way you know what the goal is and how long you can predict it will take to achieve this. Know how much business needs to be created to be able to financially support these roles and make that a priority.</li>
<li>Poor work ethics and attitude from employees. If you have given your staff every opportunity to succeed, trained them numerous times, given them every tool possible and they are still a liability to your business, it’s time to let them go. Poor quality of work or poor attitude has a huge impact, not only on your business development, but also with other staff members, your clients and customers. Fine tune the engine for more speed and efficiency.</li>