Remember all those loved ones, who fight for us this day,
The suffered loss and tragedy, that’s met along the way.
Remember all our heroes, the fight for promised land,
Whose courage is unwavering, despite the fear at hand.
Brothers in arms they boldly go, a team, a family build,
Tragic loss, and stricken grief, when one of them is killed.
Brave souls lost, and brave souls still, to fight another day,
To keep the peace and freedom, yet hope for another way.
Remember those from history, the battles that were fought,
Continued bloodshed, pain, and fear, ‘til peace be truly sought.
Decorate and celebrate, for all that they stand for,
Think of peace, and bring goodwill, instead to think of war.
Honor them for all they’ve done, give thanks, and blessings too,
For all they’ve done protecting us, each one, including you.

Memorial Day is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. We only get to do this because of brave people who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom. Be safe and take time to remember.

Happy Memorial Day

Elaine Betts of GO FAR Consulting