Why do some people get more done than others? How do we get better results in less time?

People get good at putting large amounts of effort into the unproductive activities or doing them in a way that takes more effort and energy.

Why should we spend so much time and effort doing the ineffective activities, when by doing the right activities in the right way, we can get much better results.

As a coach and speaker, it is important for me to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone, just as I do with my clients. Leading by example, here I am challenging myself to sing instead of speaking in front of an audience. As nervous as I was, the experience was amazing and has really helped me be even more confident as a coach and speaker. I chose this particular song because sometimes as professionals we can feel lonely in decision making. When we feel alone and unsure of which path to take, it prevents us from moving forward and reaching our full potential.

Where are you in your comfort zone and how can you challenge yourself to that next level? It does not have to be done all alone. It is amazing what you learn through the process of challenging yourself with new, forward, focused experiences. How can I help you or someone you know with the next challenge? Contact me for a complementary 45-minute consultation.