Poetry in Business?…It Sells!!

We have all seen dry and boring mission statements and business introductions, that do not resonate with our work colleagues and we have all been jazzed by ones well done. What grabs our attention or makes us feel a part of a group?

That poetic touch!

Elaine Betts is the Poet Laureate for BNI Worldwide (a $4 billion organization with over 110 thousand members in 70 countries) and she is also Poet Laureate for the City of San Ramon. Elaine is also the soon to be published author of “The Poetry in Business” describing business through poetry.


The BNI Family Team

The over view and purpose, that’s brought to you this day,
Is givers gain philosophy, done in a special way.
Building credibility, relationships and trust,
Givers gain and attitude, this recipe a must.
Training others, helping hands, a spirit deep and true,
The power of one community, that spans the whole world through.

Reply To All

Reply to all, now let me see,
Why can’t you send it just to me?
Use blind copy if you think,
That others might, create a stink.
Stacks of emails left unread,
I have no idea what they have said.

Danville/Sycamore Rotary Club

Danville Sycamore our Rotary Club,
Professionals forming a service hub.
Our weekly meetings, and four way test,
Create an environment, to achieving our best.

San Ramon

San Ramon, in our own Tri-valley,
A unique place, where five Mayors rally.
Proud of our parks and green open space,
Our vision for future, there’s no other place.