In an industry where projects have a reputation for constantly changing. It can be vital to stay within budget and meet deadlines. Focusing on activity sequencing, and maintaining excellent communications and attention to detail are only stepping stones to keeping on the crytical path. Risk monitoring can open up a whole can of worms. How are you performing as a company, where might a few changes make significant improvements?

How important are the foundations for a building? How does this relate to a business?

A poor foundation creates a weak structure that could possibly fall. A strong foundation stands for many generations.

The foundations of our business are just as important as the foundation of a building.

A strong foundation enables a business to grow and flourish.

Today, I want to talk to everyone in the construction and trades industries about social media. Yuck – right?

Social media typically is not an area that we like to deal with, or want to spend time, effort and energy on with regard to our business.

Yet, it is important to make sure that our name, reputation and quality of our work is being represented in the best possible way. People are saying things about us, whether we are monitoring the internet or not. This isn’t a time to act like an ostrich and bury our head in the sand and hope it will go away.