10 Trends and Changing Culture in Business

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Looking to stay ahead, minimize risk and optimize opportunity are key in business. It’s important to stay ahead regarding trends and knowledge. Cyber Security: Last month we spoke about cybersecurity threats especially ransomware and the importance of making sure that I/T essentials are in place.  With many people working from home, the incidents are growing [...]

Family & Friend Zoom Singalong

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We are very excited to announce that Drew Lawrence will be able to join us this Saturday from 10-11 AM for a special Zoom singalong. Drew is the awarding-winning singer and songwriter who wrote Jar of Hearts for Christina Perri. In addition, he's a piano coach who works remotely all around the world. Drew collaborated with me to [...]

Tips to Help Through the Virus Set Back

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My goal is to be here for you, to support and help navigate through the days/weeks ahead in these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty. 16 Things to do While Sheltering in Place Get up & get dressed! It’s surprising how much more focused we can feel when we dress as if going to work.  [...]

Resources and Support from Us on COVID-19

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My goal is to be here for you, to support and help navigate through the days/weeks ahead in these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty.We are living in a very difficult and uncharted period. Setbacks do happen all the time; however, this one is very unusual and unfortunately global, the likes of which hasn’t been [...]

6 Ways for a Prospect to Choose You

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Sometimes we wonder why on earth did a prospect chose someone else instead of us. One of the biggest reasons we don't get picked is because they don't know we exist. Get on the Table: Give Prospects Choices It's like going to an event or restaurant where the table is full of dishes and you [...]

Insider News from GO FAR Consulting

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As a valued client, one of the things I like to do is send useful information and tips from time to time. This past week, while I have been sick with a chest and sinus infection, I thought I would do some research around natural healing through breathing. I found a couple of interesting and [...]

10 Tips to Getting Success Just Right

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One of the things I learned from my parents was to always do my best no matter what I decided to do. Do my best the first time around, not halfheartedly. If I was to commit to something, I was told to think carefully and commit to it completely. I remember how I would grumble [...]

Labor Day Tribute

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The history of Labor Day, some really may not know, That pioneers who fought for us, they did a work go slow. A gathering of workmen helping all mankind, Creating shorter work weeks and shortening the grind. A rally for the people to help them gain some time, And learn about each other over picnics, [...]

4th of July Poem

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4th of July, what does this say, what does this mean? It’s building a future, with the American dream. Celebrating history, of freedom that’s won, The birth of a nation, a new land begun. That we are all equal, from past battles fought, Life liberty and justice, where freedom is sought. We hold these truths [...]

Memorial Day Poem

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Remember Remember all those loved ones, who fight for us this day,The suffered loss and tragedy, that’s met along the way.Remember all our heroes, the fight for promised land,Whose courage is unwavering, despite the fear at hand.Brothers in arms they boldly go, a team, a family build,Tragic loss, and stricken grief, when one of them [...]