Children’s Music to Inspire and Build Character

Everyone can do things In Your Own Sweet Special Way.

While we shelter in place, let’s figure out how to Be Kind in our own sweet special way.

Since we are in such close proximity, we can get frustrated and do things that we don’t really mean and should Say Sorry because we really do love the family or people around us. Maybe because we are usually at school, in camps and sports with our friends, we are not with our brothers or sisters this amount of time, so we need to discover how to Play Nicely with one another.

Each of the songs in this album are geared towards conversations and learning. They are discussions and moments that kids can grasp through song. They will come to you and say, “is this playing nicely?” “Am I being kind?”.

If these songs are played on a repetitive basis, you’ll hear your kids humming along to the tune or saying some of the lines, which keeps it present and top of mind in a fun and active way.

These songs have come together from conversations with the kids around me through love. Sometimes we don’t know where to start when having these conversations and there is very little information or fun activities that are helpful. This is my gift of being able to share something that was not on my agenda but felt compelled and passionate to share. It gives you the ability to have conversations that matter in a fun way.

Here are the links to purchase or stream the songs: