Elaine Betts is an experienced business consultant whose goal is to promote success with each business owner.  In her efforts she shares her insight in two best-selling books that provide critical business tips for your company to succeed.

This is from the best-selling authors of Masters of Networking (New York Times bestseller, 2000) and Masters of Success (#1 Wall Street Journal bestseller, 2004) and is the next title in Entrepreneur’s Masters Series.  As a contributing author to New York Times best-seller “Masters of Sales”, Elaine prepares you for your falling squirrels and demonstrates how self-management is a key to success.  The book also contains great details from other sales experts like Elaine, from a variety of industries who share their personal experiences that took them from novices to successful professionals in lessons that help salespeople truly master the art of sales.

You can find them at trade shows and the business card exchanges. They attend conferences or seminars and they have infiltrated networking groups around the world. Chances are you have encountered them or have been their victim. Maybe you’re one of them and don’t even know it!

These are the World’s Worst Networkers.

Tim Houston, Elaine Betts and several of the world’s best networkers take an uncensored look at the way some people conduct their business networking, online and offline. Their stories and experiences about these nightmares of networking will teach you how not to network.

You will learn:

— Which Networkers are on the “most unwanted list” and why

— How to deal with environmental disasters

— Who are the “online outlaws” of networking

— How to go from being a networking mess to a success