Pace Setters Group Coaching

Work with Elaine on the 4 M’s in your business Method, Management, Momentum & Money.

Set the pace for success. A collaborative performance-based group coaching program Develop new ideas, insights, and enthusiasm that have a positive impact on your business

Let’s work ON the business, set the PACE and GROW the business


What do you want to achieve & how you get there.
Understand the reason why achieving the goal is so important.
Turn ideas into tangible products & services using collaborative business strategies, marketing & processes.


Strategic business & marketing plans, including risk analysis & compliance.
Time Management & increase productivity.
Track & analyze progress of successes and goals.


Business & leadership growth with emphasis on professional development.
Prioritize opportunities.
Tools & resources to achieve effective momentum, eliminating what could hold you back.


What makes you profitable, create multiple revenue avenues & streamline expenses.
Financial awareness including product & sales pricing, cash flows, budgets.
Sales understanding, enhance proposals & estimates, sales cycles, closing ratios, client retention.

Want to participate?

Group Coaching Starting Dates and Times. These Are All for 6 Months Minimum

4th Tuesday 4:30pm-6pm starting July 23rd 2024,
2nd Wednesday 11:30am -1pm starting Sept 11th 2024,
3rd Thursday 10am-11:30am starting November 21st 2024

Register for a 45-minute consult to find out more about your business


Register for a 45-minute consult to find out more about your business