The Executive Committee

Work with Elaine on the 4 M’s in your business
Method, Management, Momentum & Money

An exciting opportunity for a collaborative performance mastermind with proactive like-minded people!

Now more than ever, when we work together as a supportive, collaborative team, we gather new ideas, insights, and enthusiasm that have a positive impact on our business. Inspiring ideas, opportunities and accountability, which motivate us to STEP UP our game and get into serious no nonsense action. It is time to create momentum and release the frustrating “stuck parts” of our business.

Let’s work ON the business to GROW the business

12 elements within this program:

  1. In depth monthly, small group mastermind discussions
  2. Assessment tools and resources to enable focused efficient momentum
  3. Collaborative and innovative ideas + closed group community
  4. New topics and strategic planning for business development
  5. Goals & benchmarking to track success
  6. Accountability and support with like-minded people
  7. Customized topics based on applicant’s requests
  8. Focused leadership and business growth
  9. Professional and personal development
  10. Help with business strategies, marketing, stability and growth
  11. Improve on productivity and risk analysis
  12. Time and self-management
As decision makers, sometimes we need trusted people to turn to for guidance
Creativity & brainstorming are accelerated when we have resourceful people to rely on
Do expectations, intentions and results match up?
What will make tomorrow different?

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