My goal is to be here for you, to support and help navigate through the days/weeks ahead in these unprecedented times of change and uncertainty.
We are living in a very difficult and uncharted period. Setbacks do happen all the time; however, this one is very unusual and unfortunately global, the likes of which hasn’t been seen. There are opportunities to be had as we pivot in the small business environment so it’s time to get proactive and see what we can do right now and also see how we can create opportunity.
With change and uncertainty comes additional stress and worry, these are understandable and legitimate Let’s see how we can be proactive and stand up rather than hibernate. If we can face the challenges and work together perhaps, we can minimize stress, manage crisis and make opportunities as much as possible.

With so much information being bombarded on us and in many different places, I have compiled a small but important list of resources for easy access. The situation is fluid and ever changing.

List of Resources 
Payment deadlines extended to July 15th. You still need to file taxes by April 15th. Check for updates and changes as this information may change. Please validate for yourself and follow your CPA’s guidelines. 
Businesses can apply for loans from the SBA as well as use their resources during a disaster.
For employers and employees. Filing for unemployment and for employers laying off staff. Before laying off staff, check in with your HR and employment law professionals. 
There are some resources at the Chamber of Commerce to help support business too.
DMV are extending licenses by 60 days, please check out their website for updates. 
California Department of Health Guidance page that has a list of various guidance documents.

Need food: Valley Catering are offering meat and produce packages. Let me know so I can connect you. Also, if you have kids normally in day care or school, some facilities are offering free food for their clients and students. Schools are still providing the Free and Reduced Breakfast/Lunch meals to go.

Need banking options, credit cards, loans HELOC. I can connect you.

Need internet, I/T & SEO: Depending on what you are looking for, I have multiple resources.

Legal & Employment: Contact me and I can put you in touch with the best person for your particular needs.