What Does Tangled Fairy Lights Have to do With Business?

How do tangled fairy lights relate to 10 key areas to pay attention to in business? It is that time of year, when people are getting the christmas tree and putting the holiday decorations up. What does tangled fairy lights have to do with business?

What Slows You Down & Drives Your Business

How often do you drive on the freeway and find the driver in front of you is poodling along on the outside lane? There is a stream of traffic behind them and they are totally oblivious to it, this is soooo frustrating! They are probably caught up in who knows what, day dreaming away without any consideration for what is going on around them. It slows down your progress and triggers a frustration that could potentially cause a foolish or rash decision on your part to try to pass them somehow.

Increasing Your Stride In Business

What can you do in your business to increase your stride, gain better results and increase momentum?