Financial Planners/CPAs/Accountants/Banks

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, financial executives and financial institutions must focus even harder to differentiate their products and services.

  • How do you attract quality clients?
  • Is client retention a challenge?
  • Is the maze of compliance and paperwork wearing you down?
  • Are you merging with another group?
  • Are you really close to reaching the next level of commissions?
  • Are the people in the office communicating effectively?
  • Are you excited about the future?
  • Are you looking to expand and grow your agency, brokerage or establishments?

The unique 4 M’s process integrates a wide range of tools and resources to provide insightful and productive results specific to our client’s needs. We work with you through the whole process, not just advise, we do it with you.

“When we reach the results we are looking for, we feel accomplished and ready to take on the next goals”

Having personally built and run a successful financial services company, Elaine created the exclusive and reliable approach to build any business through the 4 M’s process.  Whether just starting out, or established, running a financial advisory firm, insurance agency, banking or financial based operation can be extremely rewarding and have its fair share of headaches. We have firsthand experience of the challenges faced and how to overcome them. Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the passion for why we chose the field of business initially and what we want to accomplish. Whether working to develop a department, build a strong client base or working to expand and build your company’s team, by using the unique 4M’s process, our expert team can improve client relationships, maximize team performance and increase sales revenues while bringing you back into focus about what is most important in your life.

Whatever the challenges are of a growing or established business, our team will not only identity what changes are essential, we will also guide and implement the process step by step until a successful outcome is attained.

To help leaders of financial, insurance and banking institutions achieve their most important goals and identify challenges, we use the exclusive  4 M’s process  of Method, Management, Momentum & Money.  Contact us today at 510-326-0763 for a complimentary 30 minutes consultation.