The GO FAR consulting team is specifically selected and designed to the needs of our clients. Using the unique formula of the 4M’s Method, Management, Momentum and Money, we walk through a series of exercises and build a plan of action tailored to the needs and outcomes to be met.

While exponential breakthroughs in science are bringing hope to people with serious or life-threatening diseases, more can be done to support our leaders in the medical industry with regard to leadership and communication skills so that they can perform their roles as effectively and efficiently as possible. When the majority of time is spent documenting, how do you get to do more of what you love?



After surveying over 200 key healthcare leaders, 5 major areas of focus became very clear.

These were the biggest hurdles that healthcare providers struggle to overcome
1. Time management and prioritization was the biggest challenge which really comes as no surprise in an ever changing fluid environment.
2. Effective communication between teams and departments, team work and collaboration. How to keep a team motivated. Lack of alignment. Disconnect between individual contribution and organization’s goals.
3. Accountability- holding units and ourselves accountable. Lack of taking responsibility.
4. Education and training-lack of experience and knowledge, lack of understanding of processes.
5. Practice management. Access to relevant data, not enough resources. Unclear decision making. Being present.

How do you meet goals?
How do you keep spending within budget?
How do you minimize precious time and resources and have a high standard of quality control and compliance?
How do build motivation and engagement?
How do you find the time to identify the biggest challenges facing the organization? If we don’t take the time we will never be able solve them. Proactive leadership is key. We must address the challenges facing healthcare today.
How do you know if your current business model will serve you in the future?

The GO FAR consulting team is here to help, using the exclusive 4M’s process to bridge the gap between where you currently are and how you get to where you want to be. Schedule your consultation today by calling 510-326-0763.