How Strong are the Foundations of your Business Assessment – The foundations of our business are just as important as the foundation of a building. A strong foundation enables a business to grow and flourish. Please download the assessment to help you understand the structure and strengths of your business.

What is Holding You Back – What stops us from moving too far forward out of our comfort zone and limiting our business capabilities? By adjusting the setting of our compressor limiter, which is our thinking pattern from the subconscious mind, we can adjust our comfort zone. Take the assessment to see where you are being held back and receive a complementary 30 minute phone consultation to create some solutions as to what might be holding you back.

7 Tips to Stay in Control – We often end up going to the first thing that comes into our head, which creates a reactive situation rather than a proactive move. Here are 7 tips to help stay in control to be proactive.

Time Management Assessment – Until we know where our time is going, there is very little that can be done about it. Just as you would keep a budget with money to see where you are spending, see where you are spending time.

9 Simple Steps to Making Your Business More Self-Reliant – It can be very difficult when we are so immersed in our own business to know where to begin. How can we automate or have someone or something else do the work that we are currently doing? Over the years I have helped many businesses to do just this and I would like to share with you some initial steps to help begin this process.

The Eight Factors of Persistence – What does persistence really mean, and how can we obtain the skill of persistence? Persistence is a state of mind that if you have a strong enough desire, it will allow you to keep on going no matter what. There are several factors we can develop to help us become persistent.

New Client Timeline Follow Up Worksheet – Download this convenient worksheet to help keep track of following up with new clients.