Positive Changes to Succeed & Grow

Work on the 4M’s Method, Management, Momentum & Money

What will make a difference in the next 10 weeks?

10 weeks for only $295

Starting Wednesdays January 17, 2024 -March 20, 2024 11:30am-1pm

An exciting opportunity to achieve more in less time to grow & accelerate in the new year.

Let’s work ON the business to GROW the business.

Now more than ever, when we work together as a supportive, collaborative team, we gather new ideas, insights, and enthusiasm which have a positive impact on our business. Inspiring ideas, opportunities and accountability, motivate us to STEP UP our game making positive changes to succeed and grow. Steer the wheel with intension in the right direction.

Using the 4M’s of Method, Management, Momentum, & Money:

  1. Create awareness with in-depth discussions
  2. Set outcomes, make declarations
  3. Tools and resources to improve productivity
  4. Collaborative and innovative ideas + closed group community
  5. Customized topics and strategic planning for business growth
  6. Goals & benchmarking to track success
  7. Accountability and support with like-minded people
  8. Personal development, mindset, and leadership skills
  9. Help with business strategies, marketing, stability and growth.
  10. Time and self-management

Creativity & growth are accelerated with trusted resourceful people for guidance.

Do expectations, intentions, actions and results match up?

What will make the next 10 weeks different?