Does Your Business Work With Spoon Or Fork Activities?

Last month was all about the pets in our household and definitely reflected the themes of persistence and commitment. It never ceases to amaze me how our general life challenges have many lessons for us to learn, if we pay attention to what is happening and I’ll explain how my challenges with my pets assimilates into business later.

Lessons We Can Learn From Life

In the summer I really enjoy to go swimming. I love the cool water and the great exercise that swimming brings. The other day while I was swimming in a local pool, I heard an instructor talking to his pupils about swimming with hands cupped like a spoon and not with fingers apart like a fork. When a hand is cupped like a spoon, we swim much further and faster in the water, it is much more effective and efficient than if your hands are spread out like a fork with space in between. We expend so much more energy when swimming with our hands like a fork.

Happy New Year!! Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

2012 has many milestones looming up for me and my family; our son will graduate from University. Yeah no more college fees. I can’t remember what that felt like and I’m looking forward to finding out. Our daughter is getting married this year too, wow how time flies. Mark’s parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and I will become President for Danville/Sycamore Rotary Club.

More Email Madness

Email, Email

By Elaine Betts

Email, email, go away,

Send receive or delete today.

I can’t stop now, my work needs finishing,

A deadline looms and time’s diminishing.

And yet I need to read a score,

Email Madness

Reply to All

By Elaine Betts

Reply to all, now let me see,

Why can’t you send it just to me?

Use blind copy if you think,

That others might, create a stink.

Stacks of emails left unread,

How Time Flies! 8 Steps to Get Back on Track

How Time Flies

It wasn’t until I bumped into someone last week at a mixer and they said to me “I haven’t received your newsletter in a while you’d fallen off my radar”, that I realized how time had flown by, thank you Mary for the nudge.