Corporate Coaching, Training, and Leadership

People are engaged and happy when they work with effective leaders. They work more effectively, creatively and collaboratively when they’re happy at work. Happier employees produce more and stay longer.

GO FAR Consulting understands the significance of corporate coaching and training, whether for the whole company, a department or individuals. Effective leadership is what sets successful companies apart and makes them a magnet for great employees. We help leaders develop the competencies and behaviors that align with organizational strategy, culture, values, structure and processes.

Leadership training empowers people to reach for the promotion, look for opportunities, own their success, make conscious choices, feel more confidence and security. Companies that invest in employees generate happier workers and more profit.

7 out of 10 of your coworkers don’t enjoy their work environment.

A significant amount of our lives is spent working, yet according to a recent Gallup Report only 29% of American employees feel engaged at work and 21% of millennials changed jobs within the last year. 75% of employee turnover is preventable.

There is a significant financial and productivity cost to employee turnover, not to mention the effect on company culture. Because employees are a company’s most important asset, this translates into a serious problem. What can be done about it?

We uncover the hidden productivity killers.

Is stress at work hampering productivity and morale? How can you know if your employees are happy?

Your workplace may be a breeding ground for friction and insecurity, or personal circumstances may be hindering otherwise effective employees. How do you know if stress is chipping away at morale of your most valuable people? At GO FAR Consulting we use accurate diagnostic assessments to reveal the different stressors at play in your office or department. Only when you understand how much stress staff are dealing with can you begin to create a more productive environment.

GO FAR Consulting offers customized results-oriented programs specific to your requirements and outcomes. We work worldwide to provide workshops, trainings, consulting, coaching, webinars and keynotes. We fit our methods to meet your needs.

We have our exclusive 4 M’s technique to help your corporation excel.  Contact Elaine and Go Far Consulting today at 510-326-0763 to accelerate your growth.