We Choose

So you think it’s just a chapter, with people doing biz.

And then you find the magic of what it really is.

What If I Could

I know that I can’t, but what if I could

Do some things that would be so good.

And if I could, what would it be,

Strong to Build

We stand before our members, with many tasks at hand,

To make a worldwide network, with impact, this is our brand.

The Principles of Greatness – BNI National Conference Spring 2015

The Principles of greatness are foundations built from core,

Each phase of that achievement that has built up from the floor.

30 Years Forward – BNI Poem Nov 2014

30 years forward, and 30 years back.

Where are we all going, help us stay on track.

Who would ever realize, that all those years ago.

The Member Experience – BNI Poem April 2014

The BNI Experience, we’re aiming to be great,

For every single member, to make success their fate.

Success is made of ‘can- do’s’, helping others, open doors,

When we use the system, our closed business, it just soars.

Changing the Way the World Does Business

Once again we come as one, the aim for us to learn.

Building on our knowledge, for everyone to earn.

Across the globe from East and West, from North and South it’s true,

We’re here to seek experience, be bold, and share our view.

We Make a Difference

Have you ever wondered of the difference caused by you?

The impact is astounding when we form a chapter new.

This is What Directors Do

The art of doing business, is so much based on trust,

And givers gain mentality, it really is a must.