The Secrets to Overcoming Procrastination

Did you know that procrastination comes in many different forms? What is it that you’ve been putting off and have not gotten around to doing? Are you putting off things that are really really important to you? I have some secrets around procrastination to help people understand what is actually going on?

Client Vision Statement

Our clients are already driven to be powerful, successful leaders in their industry, geared towards excellence and accomplishment. They enjoy collaboration and self-improvement and understand the value of time and living life fully with extreme joy. Through our tailored formula of the 4 M’s, our clients thrive because they understand the power of a long standing client relationship with GO FAR Consultingthat leads to their consistent progressive business development, reaping rewards and living a quality life that they truly love.

Imagine you are a tight rope walker, you are on the edge of a ravine, your foot is poised ready to go, and your balance bar is firmly in your hands, think of the level of focus and training it took to reach that skill level…Now imagine if you got distracted – the outcome would probably not be good.

I use this example because in business, it takes an equivalent skill level, balance and focus to make our business successful.

The consequences of our actions could be similarly damaging to the longevity of our business if we do not focus appropiately or lose our concentration, which is why 80% of businessess fail within the first 2 years.  We only have a limited amount of time and learning to manage our time appropriately is key. We need to work wisely and concentrate on specific areas that make a difference relating to our needs. Where should I be spending my time?

Do you have deadlines that need to be met in a timely manner?

Are you ready to fine tune your sales process?

Are you looking to make & meet goals for your business or team?

Do you want to increase your billable hours?