Has COVID stopped you from setting goals?

I’m finding as I talk to people, they seem to have put their whole life on hold. A goal doesn’t have to be for the whole year, not even for the month. What about making changes?

Read on for ten ways to make changes without setting goals:

1. Changing Shopping Habits

This frees up more time and minimizes our exposure to COVID threats. One way could be to make a meal plan. As simple as it may seem, we’ve been getting fed up (pardon the pun) on trying to decide what to eat each day. It becomes a chore deciding last minute when we’re hungry and tired. This means we usually eat something that is not so healthy and costs more. We do our meal planning on the weekend at a time when we’re not hungry. We decide what we want and then take our list to the store. One trip a week or use Instacart, curbside pickup etc. Knowing what we have on a meal plan eliminates stress, stops back and forth for items needed and means we eat much more healthy meals that end up costing less.

2. Change A Routine To Exercise

Decide what that might look like. An example might be to go for a walk. Walk as a family, social distance with a friend, listen to an audio book or learn a language. It doesn’t cost anything to do these things, yet can bring a great return on your time. An added bonus, if you walk with your kids, you’ll deepen the relationship.

3. Staying In Touch

Decide to set aside time to talk to someone and catch up. Whether it’s for business, a friend or relative, change to keep connected.

4. Create Something

Depending on what you like doing, now is a good time for hobbies. I have friends who have taken up painting, sewing, gardening, woodwork. There are so many ways to be creative, it doesn’t have to be big, expensive or complicated. It could be watching YouTube videos with your kids/grandkids on how to draw. This is what I’ve been doing, and it’s amazing how good my grandkids are becoming at art.

5. Home Projects 

Rearrange the furniture, paint the walls, wash windows. Some projects have a cost to them and some it’s pure energy. Purge the closet, clean out the drawer or cupboard. Small changes in the home can bring a lot of satisfaction, especially as we are there now all the time!

6. Business Development 

Put the energy in, change habits around reaching out to people. Make calls, see how clients are doing and what they need help with. Start a newsletter or blog. Get back to business basics if things aren’t going well, find different ways to reach out and connect virtually. If business is booming, what need to be delegated?

7. Eating Habits

Maybe it’s time to make changes in eating habits. Put the cake away and grab an apple! While sheltering in place become aware of regular eating habits and if it is easier or more difficult to eat wisely.

8. Fun With Family 

Play games. Make time at the weekend or evenings to play a game, do a jigsaw, take a ball outside, or challenge each other on a video, App, or streamed game. If you spend so much time on computers during the week, perhaps find a game or activity away from devices. Something that is fun that you can all do together.

9. Plan A Trip For The Future

I know we can’t travel. I’m missing my vacations and trips to England. That doesn’t mean to say we can’t plan for them and figure out places to go once the world opens up again. Build a file of places to visit, bookmark favorite websites for information. Create the anticipation and even start a savings account.

10. Solo Time

Take some time for yourself, whatever that might look like. If you have small kids, tag team so that even for 30 minutes you get just a bit of time for yourself. It’s amazing how much more rejuvenated you can feel when you get even just a small window of time for yourself. Take a bath, shower, walk, read, listen to music or just close your eyes. Whatever you can do to restore and lessen stress.

These are just a few ideas; I hope it helps in inspiring more creativity of things that you can do to make changes and not set goals.

Time Management to Leverage Your Day tip:

Be in control – Don’t let external circumstances dictate you. This comes back to good ol’ planning and knowing what is important to you. Focus on what your goal is.